“Humanity towards others”

You might be wondering what the hell I’ve been doing the last few weeks. Well, you just might…

I don’t even know the answer myself. Seriously.

Okay, maybe just some updates:

1. Looks like Ubuntu’s really on the road to claim victory over the passive “distro warz”. Although it is a relatively young distribution, it has well received a million praises from the GNU/Linux community. It delivers a well-balanced mix of user-friendliness and technicality, which promises a lot for both professionals and newbies alike. For more information, check out http://ubuntu.com/.

2. I feel a lot more, err, “geeky” these days. I don’t know why.

3. “Humanity towards others” == 1337. Convincing others to switch to open source alternatives feels semi-awkward, but light. The fact that they have been used to proprietary *coughwindowscough* softwares makes it weird to talk to them about GNU/Linux. Imano, it feels like you’re guiding them to a “new dimension”. Add the fact that you’re not a master of it yourself, which makes everything a bit more complicated.

4. The Torpedo Birdstyler is back online! Hurray!

5. Check out Prankoys‘ post about Smart’s “Wi-Fi” service. No, I’m not badmouthing any companies or anything. I’m just trying to give out a few details about their service, which could lead potential subscribers to a WHAT-SERVICE-TO-GET frenzy. Which could also be treated as badmouthing. Or not. Maybe.

Mleh. Time to get back to being geeky.

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