Dapper Flight 6. And some other stuff.

As I’ve blogged a few days back, I’ve successfully installed Kubuntu Dapper flight 6 in my system. Everything _seems_ okay, with the exception of aRts crashing at startup every once in a while. KDE 3.5.2 feels a little slower than 3.5.1, and that nasty Firefox build is creeping out my friends. Well, maybe I was just exaggerating. Oh well.

Mapuno na lang ang mga repositories ng Dapper, ayos na.

I’ll keep testing Dapper’s stability until Friday, then decide on whether I shall make full use of my installation or wipe it out again (for the nth time) and install Mandriva 2006.


These are my past week’s mishaps:

1. All my files were completely wiped out… without me knowing it.
2. My CD-ROM, CD writer, and DVD-ROM died… all at the same time.
3. I took a 3-day consecutive beating from my eczema attacks.
4. Last, but not the least… THE FRIDGE IS EMPTY. DARN.

Anyway, life is just too good for me to whine about everything. May tao pa namang nagpapasaya sakin.


Quick, hand me that bottle of Coke! SUMMER!

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