Of Linux and Broadcom.

… And yet, I’m using Windows as I’m writing this post.

As HP decided to include the *NIX-elusive Broadcom 4311 rev wireless network card in the Pavilion DV6109om notebook model, I’m left here starting to wonder, “when am I going to get my wireless card up and running in Linux?”.

Ah, yes, the ever elusive Broadcom chipset. Google on “broadcom linux” and you’ll be surprised at the staggering mass of angry and disappointed people trying to make their chipsets work. Blessed are those with chipsets other than the 4311 series, for they can make things work using ndiswrapper as a wrapper interface for the Windows-based drivers of their cards.

Which constantly makes me think why hardware manufacturers tend to develop more (and I mean, REALLY more) for the Windows platform, neglecting other operating systems. Granted, Windows still own majority of the share of computer users in the market, but when will they realize that they’re losing a lot more potential customers? Ang gusto ko lang naman, gawan din nila ng kahit wrappers man lang yung Win32 drivers ng hardwares nila, dahil hindi lang naman Windows ang natatanging OS sa mundo! *****

Now I’m getting angry, too…

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