How NOT to transact with potential buyers.

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WARNING: Long post ahead.

Sa araw-araw na pamumuhay natin sa mundo, hindi natin maiiwasan ang pakikipag-communicate sa ibang tao. In fact, kahit yung mga “anti-social” people ay marunong din makipag-communicate, obviously. Communication is a very, VERY important aspect in life. Kahit anong klase ng trabaho meron ka, communication is the key to success (I stand corrected if it’s not the key, but I’ll have to stand to my point that it’s a very important part of success).

Teachers - they use their communication skills to teach their students.
Call center agents - well, trivial.
Managers - to instruct their minors.

Heck, even prostitutes need to communicate. But if there’s one job that actually lives on communicating, that has got to be business.

Why business?

In general, business deals with selling and/or trading one’s goods or services for another’s goods or services which the two sides believe have equal value. Obviously, communication IS the key for the two sides to achieve the trade. From this point, it is extremely trivial that one needs PROPER comm skills if he/she decides to go out and pursue a career in business.

“But Mr. RJ, what’s all the fuss about communication? What does all of this have to do with Maskman?”, one might ask. Luckily for you, I have the answer.

I’d like to share my insights on how NOT to transact with potential buyers. The do’s and dont’s of business.

I am not a business professional, I’m still a student. Heck, I study a course
that’s a bit far off from the business track, but I do know something as an
everyday consumer. Please bear with me.

Let’s start with an example:

RJ Arce to shaider_tagalog
Pwede bang yung bracelet lang ang bilhin? Sige na. :D

Here, we see a regular consumer asking for something from the buyer. He initiates the communication (or what we call “handshake” in connection-oriented protocols, but that’s going a bit off from the topic) with the seller. After the initiation of the communication, the sender must wait for a reply from the receiver in order to establish the communication.

shaider_tagalog to RJ Arce
It will cost you Php1,500. kasama na dito LBC….. The deadline will be up to SUNDAY lang or else ay Hindi na pwede….

Alas! The communication is now established. The next part of the transaction process is the securing of the deal. This typically involves two parts:

1. More inquiries from the buyer about the product.
2. Securing the trade-off, including specifying what the other side must hand out to the seller for the transaction to complete.

Let’s see the flow from the next set of scenarios:

RJ Arce to shaider_tagalog
1.5k? Ang mahal naman… Bakit ganun yung presyo? Natanong lang, hehe.

Ahh… So we have the regular flow. The consumer inquires a bit further about the product. Let’s see the reply from the seller:

shaider_tagalog to RJ Arce
Mr. Fighting Maroon;

Alam ko that madali kang umintindi DAHIL TAGA-U.P. ka kamo:-)

Maskman Bracelet is PHP1250.
LBC Shipment is PHP250.

Pilosopo ka ba talaga? or Walang ka lang Pera?

I doing a NICE & CLEAN BUSINESS TRANSACTION HERE…IMPORTED yung Maskman Bracelet at Binili MISMO NG ISANG kababayan natin na DH dun sa Hongkong……

(Now i know na ang Utak U.P. na sinasabi nila…UPian ng lata)

Brian J. Mason

Ah, so this IS the start of the actual topic (how NOT to). What’s with the bursting out? Seriously, would a reasonable person (and a reasonable seller) talk this way to his/her clients?

At this point in time, the consumer is already warded off by the fact that the seller is an extremely idiotic person. Still, a lot of facts need to be uncovered.

Moving on:

RJ Arce to shaider_tagalog

Mr. Brian, gaya nga nung sinabi ko sa message ko, natanong ko lang. Dahil ako, hindi ko naman talaga alam kung bakit ganun kamahal o kung saan nanggaling yung presyo. Asan naman yung pagiging pilosopo dun? Ako’y nagtaka lang naman dahil kung yung set ay 2.5k, malaki pala yung sinasama mong libre sa bundle. Hindi ko naintindihan kung ano ang kinahimutok ng iyong pagiisip dun sa sinabi ko, masama na pala ngayon magtanong bago ka bumili? Hahahaha.

Wala akong nabanggit na “hindi ka malinis makipag-transact”. Ngayon, kung magiging masyadong defensive ka sa pagtatanong ko kung bakit 1.5k ang benta mo dun sa produkto at pati pagkatao ko ay yuyurakan mo pa, well, utak mo na ang may problema dun. Bakit ka nga ba defensive? Haha.

Okay na sana yung sinabi mo yung breakdown of prices e, yun lang naman ang tinanong ko. Andami mo pang dinagdag. Hahaha.

Now we see that the consumer decides to answer back at the ridiculously suspicious comments of the seller. Again, the consumer waits for a reply.

shaider_tagalog to RJ Arce
Ang Dami mong DALDAL kung bibili ka ay bumili ka, IM BUSYO with my SURE BUYERS…

And perhaps, Kung May PERA AT INTERESADO ang tao ay BIBILI ito…

Masyado kayong mga “stereo type” dyan sa U.P……..ESTUDYANTE ka palang eh akala mo may Ipagmamalaki ka na…..

Kung anong actuation mo ay un din ang tingin sa ibang taga-U.P., Birds with the same feather stay together…

Gumaradweyt ka muna bata para magka-trabaho ka at may pambili ka na…..Ang tagal mo nang nasa kolehiyo, Hindi ka ba naiinip? just asking

Cge ka ba ma-ban kita sa Jobstreet/Jobsdb…hahahahahahah:-) You dont know me….

Now this is where the fun begins. What’s with all the hatred towards UP? I can see these reasons:

1. He was once an aspiring UP student, but he failed to make it past the entrance exams, which led him to study in a school at a very remote area.
2. He was not given the job position of his choice due to a co-worker performing better than him/her. That co-worker is a UP graduate.
3. There’s really something fishy about his deal and the consumer has unveiled it.

Like I said, a reasonable person wouldn’t flame on you that much. Heck, a really good seller would answer your questions patiently and with extreme care. That is, if his/her item is really worth all the trouble.

A friend of mine came up with these rules in dealing with buyers:

Rule #405: No discrimination against buyers due to their social status, educational attainment, or lack of certain limbs.
Rule #405a: No discrimination against certain schools, either.

Now now, this is just plain old discrimination. I cannot see a clear cut point to the cause of all his hatred towards the buyer, and I probably never will. To that, I’d like to add one more rule to the aforementioned rules:

Rule #405b: shaider_tagalog, you’re gay.

To quote my friend again,
“And perhaps, one who is blabbering about getting a job doesn’t have one himself?”

There. What’s the whole point of this again? Well, fellow Maskman fanatics, be very wary of sellers who act like this. Be very, very careful. As much as I’d like to flame more about this certain person, the transaction snippets included within this post already tells enough of the idiotic and pathetic traits of this businessman-wannabe.

Thank you,, for this very wonderful and meaningful event.

Class dismissed.

Arce, Ralph Justin C.
BS Computer Science
University of the Philippines, Diliman

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