MEPIS be with you.

(grah, corny title)

Anyway, after months of distro experimentation, I think I found myself a worthy distro for my laptop - SimplyMEPIS. With the new architecture deviating from the first Debian-based releases (SimplyMEPIS is now Ubuntu-based), this distro is suitable for those already familiar with The Linux for Human Beings and for those who are busy (or lazy) enough to configure hardware which don’t run out of the box. Being Ubuntu-based, it is compatible with the wide repository of Ubuntu applications, and it also has builds for X86_64 architectures. This is a sure blast distro for those owning laptops with the new line of Nvidia Go accelerator cards. It even detects my sound card correctly (using the latest ALSA drivers)!

Now, the only thing left for me to configure is the wireless card. At least, that’s about 80% less work, heh.

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