Random Thoughts - 4/15/07

Some random thoughts for today.


How would you define a “user-friendly online voting system”?

I should really stuck up on more DVD+Rs rather than cheap DVD-Rs.

Fainting is NOT good for the heart.

Love is a debt you can NEVER fully repay.

Painting is a whole lot of fun.

It is advisable to try out downloadable demos of games before actually buying them.

The thrill of collecting McDonald’s Happy Meal toy sets is still there.

Cheap but good quality toys are a joyful sight.

A donut is good and tasty. A lot of donuts will give you toothaches and a sore throat.

Never substitute Coke for drinking water.

When working in a company that is located in a not-so-pocket-friendly place, such as Ortigas, always make sure you bring packed lunch to the office.



(Para sa isang kaibigan) *ehem ehem* “Maging ama ay di biro, maghapong mayayamot.” Hehehe.

Ayaw ko na.

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