Let’s do this non-linearly!

Kdenlive, pronounced K-den-live, is an open-source non-linear video editing system for KDE (it can run on Gnome and XFCE, assuming you have the right set of KDE libraries and development kits). It has been under development for several years now, and I’ve tried it before it’s 0.5 release, but I just couldn’t get it to work on my 64-bit Mepis installation. So in short, I didn’t blog about it, too. :P

Seen here with our CS 196 report at it’s alpha stages.

Now at version 0.5 (released sometime last April), Kdenlive has come a long way from the buggy and crash-loving software to a very competent video editing tool. I was still actually unable to get Kdenlive 0.5 to work as perfect as possible on my now 64-bit Kubuntu installation, but I did get to experiment with the latest build from SVN. The 0.6svn version gave me better encoded videos, with less jitter and less frame drops.

Kdenlive’s pre-built video transition effects. It may be limited, but it’s already sufficient for regular use.

To build it, I installed libmlt and libmlt++ from the Feisty repos (because I wasn’t able to compile SVN mlt and mlt++). Make sure you have the necessary video and audio libraries (including FFMPEG) installed before compiling. To see a list of the required packages, see this Kdenlive wiki entry. Then either download a 0.5 binary for your distribution, or compile from source. To compile from source, check out it’s latest SVN code by:

svn co https://kdenlive.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kdenlive/trunk/kdenlive kdenlive


cd kdenlive
./configure --enable-debug=full
sudo make install

If you have unsermake installed, you could use it in place of make. (I hear unsermake is a more efficient make tool for QT-based applications)

sudo unsermake install

And hopefully, that’s it! If you have any problems compiling it, you may post a comment here or you may check Kdenlive’s wiki for more info.

The export timeline window.
Gotta love free and open source software. :P

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