My month-long hiatus proves how much time I don’t have (or have, rather, just that I’m not using it properly). Ever since the “Voice” part on our mobile VoIP research project, I feel like I have all the time in the world to waste.

FACT: I don’t have even a single second to waste. :P

Eh, just to show you how much time I don’t have (or have, rather), here’s a stupid-looking Python program I wrote just to pass time. It felt really stupid, though: I only wasted less than 5 minutes of my time. Mleh.

I call it “PirateChat”. :D

import sys,time,random

if __name__ == "__main__":
	print "Ahoy matey! Welcome to PirateChat! Feel free to talk with me, matey. Yarr!"
	while True:
		input = raw_input("You: ")
		time.sleep(random.uniform(0, 4))
		if input.lower().strip().startswith("bye"):
			print "Pirate: So long, matey! Yarr!"
		print "Pirate: Yarr!"

Usage: Save to a file (e.g., pirate.py), run the Python interpreter while invoking the saved file (python pirate.py), and ahoy! Happy pirate-chatting.

Released under GPL. *LOL*

*LOLs at self*

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